The $100 Kiss

I bought a $100 kiss today.

I’d wanted a fabulous red lipstick for ages. I find red lips to be incredibly sexy and I wanted a pair of my own. I’d purchased a few tubes on my own over the years at places like Walmart and Target, but everything was too pink or ack, too orange.

So, today I decided I wanted a fabulous red lipstick. So I made my way to the makeup counter at Dillards (Chanel, dahling) and proceeded to explain to the sales clerk that I wanted a fabulous red lipstick.

Half an hour and $100 later, I was the proud owner of the perfect red lips. I adore them and can’t wait for the first special occasion to wear them again.

Red lips are good for 2 things you see. The first being to make you feel beautiful and sexy, especially when you are feeling dumpy and frumpy. The second being to leave your mark. On a napkin, on a martini glass or my personal favorite (and his too) on your husband 😉


One thought on “The $100 Kiss

  1. You’re right about one thing. Red lips are incredibly sexy. Your husband is a very lucky man. I’m enjoying your blog very much and will check back to see where your story goes next.

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