I Take Pictures…

…but I don’t consider myself a photographer. What I mean is that while I have a strong interest in photography, I haven’t taken the steps to learn nearly enough about my camera, lenses, manual settings, lighting, etc. Now…I do believe I possess some raw talent to imagine, see, and capture a moment on film, er, digital file. I have an eye for things, enjoy composing shots, shooting from different angles is sort of my thumbprint and I find beauty in things that most people would never consider taking a photo of. But the unfortunate truth is that unless you also find beauty in what I do, you may not appreciate or like the photos I take. But I’m proud of most of them and I guess that’s a truly important part. Maybe someone will stumble across them here and enjoy them, appreciate them, or think they are beautiful like I do.

The Hubs once said to me, “In the hands of a true artist, the tool doesn’t matter.” I was complaining about not having a nice, fancy DSLR to take pics with. His statement is only sort-of true, but it has stuck with me. What he was getting at was the raw talent I possess and honing in on the talent instead of the tool. You would be shocked, SHOCKED, at some of the awesome shots I’ve been able to capture with a simple point and shoot camera. Honestly, they’re still some of my favorites even though I’ve upgraded in camera. I’ll share them with you sometime.

I think I’ll start posting my photos here. It’s a fun place for me to post whatever I want and maybe it will spur me to advance my knowledge…to be better. It’s also a good place to archive my photos. I can’t print everything and hang it on a wall, but I don’t want them hiding on my hard-drive forever either. Now, off to figure out how to watermark these stunning photos I’m going to post. Ha!


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