Some of my old favorites

As promised, I’ve dug up some of my original favorites and decided to share them here, with you.  Keep in mind these were all taken with a digital point and shoot camera.  Aside from some minor cropping, there is no editing done to these photos.  I’m not a big believer in editing.  I think you should be able to take the photo if you’re going to consider yourself a photographer; beginner , hobbyist or professional.  But that’s another topic for another day :

San Francisco, CA
This is a shot I am truly proud of. Taken with a digital point and shoot – I swear. I love the colors. I love the calmness of the water and the reflection it allows. I love the tilted angle. And I loved that trip to San Fran with the Hubs so this photo brings back great memories.

Pier 39 - San Fran

Another shot from our trip to San Fran. Again, notice the tilt. I love taking tilted photos. LOVE IT.  I’m pretty sure this obsession annoys the crap out of my in-laws.

San Fran - Alcatraz Island

This one was taken on Alcatraz Island. Being there was a hauntingly, beautiful experience. And you don’t get better views of the Bay Area and the Golden Gate bridge. We went in the evening and were able to see the sunset over the bridge. Breathtaking. Absolutely stunning and breathtaking.

The Old North Church - Boston, MA

One of the first “artistic” photos I took. This is the Old North Church in Boston, MA. You know, the one in the story about Paul Revere and the Red Coats? Not the greatest of photos, but with a point and shoot and the distance (which wasn’t much) I had to work with, it’s a shot I’m proud of. And that was a fun trip too.

Brooklyn Bridge - New York City

This may be my all time favorite photo. I adore it. Not because it’s soooooo wonderful, but because I saw this picture in my head and was able to capture the image. I know it’s actually underexposed and slightly out of focus, but whatever. By the way, I love NYC too. We’ve been twice now and I would like to go back. Soon. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas. To see the decorations. Just in case anyone is reading this that might be able to make that happen. 😉


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