I’m pissed today

At my body that is. It’s been exactly 3 months since the twins were born and just in case I forgot my body decided to remind me. In the form of lactating boobs. Just in case. How kind of them.

All you breastfeeding moms can relate. It’s like a constant slap in the face that my body was (and apparently still thinks it is) capable of sustaining them. Ack. What a pain in the ass. What a not so gentle reminder of what happened.

It’s pretty amazing how the human body works though. I’ve been thinking a lot about another baby. A LOT. And a lot of those thoughts include nursing an infant. Apparently enough to trigger milk production. Now, I don’t think I’ve stopped producing milk (so it’s not like this came completely out of the blue) but this is the first time in a few months there has been enough there to actually cause some engorgement and pain. Weird.

I’m off to bind my boobs with an Ace bandage. Classy.


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