A few country pics…

The Hubs left town early this morning (I know, a Sunday, random) which left me and A with not a whole lot to do on a hot, Sunday afternoon.  Sooooo, I packed her up sans nap and headed to the country to spend the afternoon with my parents, sister and her new (very serious) boy toy.  Anyways, it ended up being a nice visit and I snapped tons of pics while I was there.  Here are a few I thought weren’t too shabby.  Enjoy 🙂
WM IMG_6652

WM IMG_6676

WM IMG_6635

My parents are slightly country-fried. My sister is a lot country-fried. I’m not. At all. But that’s ok, I can still enjoy the country life for an afternoon or so…and it makes for nice photos.

Sidenote:  I did play with a little bit of editing on these photos.  Still not sure how I feel about it, but it never hurts to explore, right?


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