Pregnancy Dreams

I’ve officially lost my marbles. I know that vivid and strange dreams are a common thing among pregnant women, but my dreams as of late make me wonder what Hubs has been sneaking into my late night glass of water. Or perhaps he’s spiked my prenatals. Not quite sure. The dream I had the other night was so bizarre and hilarious I even had to share it with my sister. I’m suffering from insomnia these days…I guess that’s what you call it when you can’t fall asleep and can’t stay asleep. And have trouble going back to sleep when you wake up randomly in the middle of the night. To a sleep lover, this is torture. Absolute torture. I adopted the mantra of “sleep when your baby sleeps” 2 1/2 years ago when we brought A home. I still occasionally sometimes often follow this rule. Especially these days. So I awoke the other morning only remembering parts of the dream I had that night, but it’s enough to make you wonder what the eff I’m smoking over here.

I was hunting. I don’t hunt…ever. It doesn’t interest me and I have no desire to mount a carcass anywhere in my home. But in my dream I was hunting. I was hunting normal things, like geese. And bats. BATS? Where the hell did I get BATS? There was a third animal that I cannot for the life of me recall. I’m sure it was awesome. Like a platypus or something. And would have made the perfect trifecta of normally hunted animals. Now, to make this even more strange I was herding the geese, like one would herd sheep. There was a pickup truck that someone was driving and we were herding these geese down a dirt road…tons of them on the road and a whole bed full of geese. I don’t remember actually hunting the bats, but then my dad appeared in my dream. If you’re not familiar with hunting, the process of removing the meat from the carcass and packaging it for consumption is called, processing. So, in my bizarro dream, my dad had already had his bats “processed”. He wanted me to smell it. What I was smelling looked like a bag of chicken broth that just came out of my freezer (I regularly make my own), but in my dream it smelled like beef broth. I have no idea why a hunted, processed bat would look like a bag of frozen chicken stock and smell like beef stock. And even more importantly, I don’t think anyone actually hunts or processes bats.

I got nothing. This dream was so crazy and off the wall, I cannot even begin to imagine where it came from. I can also say that I have multiple crazy, bizarre and off the wall dreams every night and most days when I nap.

I do remember my dream from last night though. It was about mice and snakes. This is a normal thing for me to dream about though. Bats and geese, not so much.


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