It’s Hot.

It’s a million bazillion degrees outside.  Seriously.  I’m a Texan.  Born and bred, Texan to the core and I think it’s hot.  I normally welcome the summers here.  Sure, it gets warm, but it’s manageable and I would so much rather be hot than cold.  This year has been especially cruel though.  My heart breaks for the farming and agricultural community.  There hasn’t been any rain and with this heat there are so many people losing crops and having to sell off their livestock because they can’t keep them alive.  There’s a hay shortage (again) this year and it just all around sucks.  We’re all praying for a break in the temps and some rain, but it’s not coming anytime soon.  And I fear that when it does come, it will be a serious, serious storm.  I’m not sure how many days we’ve had over 100 degrees, I haven’t really wanted to know.  I just know it’s been ridiculously hot since the end of May and it’s just now August and the extreme heat like this can easily, easily last through September.  I’ve stood at many a football game in 100+ degree weather…

Just as a little proof of the misery here in hell, I mean, here in a Texas summer; these are the highs for the next 7 days.  110, 109, 108, 106, 106, 105, 104.  I’m so thankful for our A/C.

As I was looking through some pics yesterday I came across these that were taken in April when it was still cool outside.  I remember it was overcast that day and I had to wear jeans.  I thought it would be a nice reminder of the cooler weather that promises to come…eventually.  Enjoy! 🙂

WM Spring Flowers 5

WM Spring Flowers 1

WM Spring Flowers 7

WM Spring Flowers 6

WM Spring Flowers 2

WM Spring Flowers 3

WM Spring Flowers 4


5 thoughts on “It’s Hot.

  1. At least you get cool weather! Come over here, and then talk about heat! We have summer three quarters of the whole year haha! And it gets over 50c. That’s hot.

  2. beautiful pictures 🙂 i hear you about the hot weather, we were just out west for a week and it was SO nice to get away from the humidity that makes it feel even hotter.

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