Monday Again?

Well, hello there Monday. Where the hell did you come from? Last time I checked, it was Friday. I can’t wait for football season to start in a few short weeks. It gives us an excuse to sit on our butts all weekend and not leave the house. Plus, football season generally means cooler temps. Ahhhhh, imagine the possibilities.

So, my morning sickness has set in. Full force. I can’t believe that just 2 short weeks ago I was feeling pretty good and thinking I just might have a chance at getting through this pregnancy without the ickies. No such luck. In fact, I think I’m going to pick up some sea bands today. I’ve heard of several ladies that have had luck with them when nothing else works. Strangely enough, the bag of gummy worms I had for dinner last night actually made me feel pretty good. Note to self: buy more gummy worms.

I’m a member of an online community and there are a few things being said that make me want to punch the computer. For example: “A little bit of bleeding is totally normal! Don’t worry about it!” No, it’s not. Call your doctor. Or this gem; “As long as you’re not cramping or bleeding, everything is fine!” Mmmm, try again. Also not true and bad advice. And my personal favorite; “The morning (all day) sickness means the pregnancy is going well!” Again, not true. Not true at all.

With the twins I was still experiencing morning (all day) sickness and never had cramping or bleeding. And things were not fine. Things were not fine at all. This is why I don’t take much solace in the fact that I’m experiencing a whole multitude of pg symptoms at the moment.

We were able to share the news with my family yesterday. They were happy for us, I think everyone is cautious. Hopefully the excitement will set in as time moves on. The Hubs and I are still discussing if we’re going to find out the gender of this baby or not. I’ve always been the type to want to know, in fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve made the comment before that I find it downright stupid NOT to find out. For some reason though, there’s part of me that wants to wait until delivery with this baby. I think it’s because it just really doesn’t matter. We want a healthy baby that we get to bring home this time. Boy or girl…doesn’t matter, I’ll be thrilled either way. I also think there’s part of me that wonders if this isn’t our last baby, so I don’t want to have any regrets. We’re still discussing it, so no decisions yet. The one decision we have made is to keep our name choices to ourselves until the baby is born. It just seems fun.

Hubs has been home this week, and leaves town for a few days tomorrow. I guess, in a way, things will go back to normal. I will now attempt to peel myself out of bed and do something productive. And try to keep the pukies away.


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