Common Sense

My common sense has up and left me.  It took with it my ability to reason.  I’ll give you an example:

My doppler arrived yesterday.  Coolest little contraption, except it probably needs to come with its own 12-step program because addiction and obsessiveness is inevitable.  I decided to try to find the little tadpoles heartbeat around nap time today.  Only took me a few seconds to hear the womp-a-womp-a-womp-a.  Ahh, such a sweet sound.  Then, in an instant, it was gone.  OMG, my baby just died.  That was my first thought.  Then, common sense decided to make a brief appearance and remind me that the tadpole probably did not like being smushed within an inch of its life while I laid there listening to its heartbeat.  After a few minutes, sure enough, just to the right I was able to find the heartbeat again (they can move around you know…).  I then told the tadpole I would leave it alone….for the time being.

Anyone with a SHRED of common sense left would never have thought that her baby instantly died at the exact moment she was listening to its heartbeat during nap time on a random Thursday afternoon.  Geez, I don’t know where my common sense went, or if it plans to return, but I’m not sure I can live with this sketchy woman currently taking up residence in my body.

P.S.  I’m over summer.  I’m over the heat, I’m over the no-schedule lifestyle, I’m over feeling like a prisoner in my own home.

P.P.S.  I had a craving for those Little Debbie Oatmeal Cookies.  Just returned from the grocery store.  Just finished one.  It was glorious.  And a perfectly acceptable meal during the 1st trimester.  That is all.

P.P.P.S  I probably won’t want another one.  In fact, the thought of another one now makes me queasy.  I hope Hubs enjoys them.


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