Bargain Wench

I realize this blog is turning into a gigantic cluster of randomness.  But, eh, I’m enjoying myself.  Hope you are too.

I’m currently in mourning.  I’ve discovered that I’m going to have to sell an internal organ in order to purchase a handful of additional camera lenses I’ve been eyeing.  Which means I’m grumpy that I can’t have them now.  So what’s a girl to do?  Why, shop, of course.  Retail therapy at its finest.  I’ve prided myself for quite some time on my ability to find a bargain.  It’s almost a game now, and I have a really, really, REALLY, hard time spending more than $10 on any single clothing item…and that’s pushing it.  Now, let me clarify a few things.  I’m the proud owner of several designer items that were purchased at full price.  I don’t bargain shop for my designer items.  Most people selling used or fake items still want a hefty price and frankly, I want to have confidence that I’m purchasing an authentic item.  So, when it comes to a pricey, designer purchase, bargain shopping goes out the window.  Oh, and I don’t coupon either.  Frankly, I’m not smart enough and I don’t have enough patience.  On my day-to-day shopping however, I rarely and I mean RARELY pay full price for anything.  Most of my clothes have been purchased from the clearance racks.  I rarely buy outfits either, I usually pick up separates and mix and match them.  Even though I don’t purchase the highest quality clothing (I tend to shop at Target, Old Navy, JC Penney, etc.) my clothes seem to last for a few years.  I’m not claiming to be a fashionista AT ALL, but I sometimes manage to surprise myself with my finds.  Here’s the booty from today:

I told Hubs I was going to look for some maternity shorts.  I’m the proud owner of only 1 pair (a $5 clearance snag I made when I was pg with A a gazillion years ago) and I’m currently loving my husband’s underwear.  Yep, I’m roaming the house in his boxers…oh so comfy…definitely time for new shorts.  I managed to find 1 pair, and a few other things also.

mat khaki shorts

Liz Lange Maternity for Target--Purchased for $6.24

We still have a few months of tank top weather here in Texas. These puppies offer plenty of room for my expanding belly and at this price, I don’t mind only wearing them 1 year.

tank 2

Merona @ Target--Purchased for $3.24

tank 1

Merona @ Target--Purchased for $3.24

Now, I think this next one is actually a swim-cover. However, I tried it on and the denim is heavy enough to pass for a tunic-length shirt. I think it will be adorable with a pair of brown leggings. Please excuse the wrinkles.

denim tunic

Merona @ Target--Purchased for $6.48

I don’t always plan to shop the resale stores for little A.  In fact, I don’t often shop there.  But I was in the mood to check it out today and boy am I glad I did.  They had a few great finds!


I've got this outfit pegged for our upcoming trip to Sea World--Purchased (NWT) for $4.99


This dress will be perfect for school--Purchased for $4.99

denim jumper

Hanna Andersson jumper perfect for fall and winter--Purchased (NWT) for $7.99

denim jacket

Levi Strauss denim jacket with crystal (girly) buttons--Purchased (NWT) for $8.99

purple outfit

Carter's outfit with 2 pair of leggings--Purchased (NWT) for $9.99


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