So, I ran an errand today.

It’s an accomplishment.  Really, it is.  However, I made an awesome find so I’m quite thrilled with my errand today.  I realize my 2.5 year old doesn’t need tons of shoes.  But, I do think she needs more than 1 nice pair.  Especially with school starting next week (thank GOD!).  So I had my eye on this really cute pair of Converse All Stars at Target.  I was just having a really hard time wrapping my head around spending $25 on a pair of shoes for her.  She has a really nice pair of tennis shoes and I just don’t think she needs more than 1 or 2 pair of pricey shoes.  So, Target put these shoes on sale last week…took them down to a whopping $22.  I still couldn’t muster up the desire to spend that much on a secondary pair of shoes.  Still, I mentioned them to Hubs and he said to go get them for her.  Fast forward to today.  I needed to run to Target for a handful of items.  We’ll get to that in a sec.  While we were there I decided to run A by the shoes to see if she even liked the pair I had been eyeing.  She was extremely disinterested.  Bummer.  But then, just as I was about to give up, I spotted a similar pair.  She actually really liked the similar pair…they were shiny :).  Just like her momma.  Anyways, they were on clearance for $6.25!!!!  Can you believe it?  A pair of toddler-sized, Converse All Stars for $6.25!  I snatched them up even though they’re still a little big.  Hopefully she’ll be able to wear them later in the fall and certainly through the winter.  I’m so excited!
all stars 1

all stars 2

Now, about that trip to Target.  I have 2 Targets within 10 minutes of my house, depending upon which direction I want to go.  I rarely visit the older one and the newer one, that was constructed just a few years ago, I consider MY Target.  I love it.  Correction…loved it.  When A started walking it was the perfect place to take her to practice walking with me.  In the mornings it’s generally deserted so I don’t worry about her getting snatched by a weirdo and I don’t worry about her bothering the other shoppers if she gets a little loud or throws a fit.  We also tend to enjoy a drink at the Starbucks inside.  Iced lattes for me, chocolate milk for her.  A few months ago I noticed the parking lot had been half-taken up by a bunch of storage containers.  I ignorantly thought maybe they rented out the space to some other company.  I was totally bummed to discover they are turning my nice, quiet, spacious Target into a Super Target.  Bummed isn’t the right word.  I’m downright pissed about it.  I’m not sure the store will actually change from Target to Super Target…but they’re adding an entire grocery section and fresh produce.  Now, it already had a pretty good selection of dairy, frozen products, dry goods and plenty of beer and wine.  Still, all this construction and “room-making” has completely thrown off my Target shopping.  The aisles have been made much smaller and they’ve totally rearranged the store.  Everything seems crammed together.  Also, the past several times I’ve been there it’s been nearly impossible to make your way down the aisles.  Since everything is being rearranged and restocked, there are boxes and large carts everywhere.  Today, so many of the shelves in the toiletries area were empty I was worried I wasn’t going to be able to get A that new toothbrush I promised her.  My pissed-off-ness hit overdrive when I noticed they had completely closed off the food area so I couldn’t get milk.  The very last thing this hormonal pregnant lady wants to do is make another stop, haul a toddler out of the car and into the store, for 1 measly gallon of milk.  Sigh.  I realize this seems like a silly thing to be upset about and I’m holding out hope that after the construction is done things go back to normal.  Either way, I’m limiting my Target visits until construction is finished.  I’m not sure my fragile mental state can take anymore at the moment.

One thought on “So, I ran an errand today.

  1. great deal on the converse!! i saw some as well, but they weren’t the right size, which is probably good considering louise has multiple pairs of shoes that fit her as well as the next two sizes up covered!!!

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