11W 3D

I had a wonderful doctor’s appointment on Monday.  I went in expecting another run of the mill, wait forever, be frustrated kind of appointment and was pleasantly surprised.  Since I purchased my Doppler, my anxiety was slightly less since I had been hearing the heartbeat at home, but I was still nervous.  Nervous that the u/s would show the baby wasn’t growing or had developed 4 heads or something.  I entered a fairly empty office…a rare sight for any OB office.  Not necessarily a sign that your wait won’t be extraordinary though.  Trust me.  I’ve seen it happen.  I scheduled the appointment for 9am and at the last minute, decided to leave A at home.  She’s battling a slight cold and I just knew there would be 12 6-week-olds in the waiting room if I took her with me; and as she was hacking up a lung I’d get the evil eye from all the new moms as I tried desperately to convince them it was just allergies.  Fortunately, my mother in law was able to come stay with her while Hubs and I went to the appointment.  I showed up at 8:50 and got called back at 9am.  Things were looking up!  I did the norm, weight (down…normal for me at this point), pee in a cup (uh, barely…I hope they got what they needed!), blood pressure (really good!), undress from the waist down…doc will be in shortly.  Sidebar:  Why can’t they make those paper sheets long enough to wrap all the way around?  I hate leaving my butt crack exposed.  But I digress…

When my doc finally made her way in (she was chatting about something on TMZ with the nurses in the hallway) she handed me a thank you card from sweet Monica.  I sent her chocolate covered strawberries after my minor  major freak out a few weeks ago.  We proceeded with the sono and the first thing out of Dr. A’s mouth was, “Oh, your baby’s so cute!”  I think her pregnancy is making her a big softie.  She turned the screen towards us and we proceeded to watch a very healthy, VERY active little baby dance around for a good 15 minutes or so.  We have tons of pictures, but nothing great since the little thing was moving around so much!  Dr. A pointed out ears, arms, legs, profile shots, skull shots and the umbilical cord.  She even spotted the gender, but I declined.  For 2 reasons:  1) Hubs and I are still not in agreement on finding out.  He wants to know, I kind of want to wait until delivery.  2) I know she’s good, but I’m not even 12 weeks…can she really tell this early?  She seemed confident, and I’ve questioned my decision since Monday, but alas, we’ll be waiting until at least the anatomy scan at 20 weeks.  I was shocked, but happy, that she spent so much time looking around.  She’s NEVER spent that much time on an u/s with me.  She was getting a kick out of how busy the little dude/ette was.  Once she was finished she answered a few questions I had and I talked to her a little about her pregnancy.  She swears she won’t be missing much time from work, 2 weeks at the most…and that’s only if she has to have a C-section.  She’s a trooper.  Or maybe crazy.  I dunno.  But probably crazy.

The best thing I took away from the appointment, aside from a good u/s with good results, was her suggestion of a protein smoothie first thing in the morning.  She said it really helped with her nausea so after our appointment (we were back in the car at 9:35!) we ran by Sprouts and picked up protein powder, berries, frozen fruit and greek yogurt.  I’m on day 2 of morning smoothies and I’m feeling pretty good!  We’ll see if it’s a fluke or if the protein-loading first thing in the morning is helping.  And now, for some pictures!
US 3 Scan 4

US 3 Scan 2

US 3 Scan 1

US 3 Scan 3


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