12 Week Belly Shot

It’s Friiiiiiday!  And, it’s a long weekend.  The Hubs and I are dropping little A off with my folks tomorrow afternoon and having ourselves a date night!  We’re having Japanese food.  I. can’t. wait.  It’s sounded sooooo good for a few weeks now, hope I still feel that way by tomorrow evening because I fully intend to stuff my face.  On Sunday, we’re headed to the Promised Land of College Station to watch the Aggies beat the hell out of the SMU Mustangs.  We’re looking forward to a good time; and some much needed alone time.  And tailgating.  And lots of beer water.  And football.  And more beer water.  Damn.

I seem to be showing these days.  Although, if need be I can still hide the bulging belly of mine.  Which is good, because the need arises on a regular basis.  Since it’s Friday and I seem to be in a decent mood, I’ve decided to actually post a picture of myself here.  Now, because I seem to be as superstitious as a dirty-jock-strap-wearing-football-player these days I just had to break out the Doppler and listen for the heartbeat before taking this picture.  There it was, chugging away just before little dude/ette gave me strong kick that made an awful squawking noise on the Doppler.  Then dude/ette left and I didn’t feel like playing chase today.  But, I know s/he’s there so I feel confident that I’m not jinxing myself today by posting this picture!

12 week belly shot


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