Gone Fishin’

Well, not really. Turns out, the management at Sea World frowns upon fishing in any of their tanks. Killjoys.

We’ll be back in a few days!

Sidebar: I hopped in the shower and realized I had more to say. Did anyone catch that Michigan/Notre Dame game last night? My tired, exhausted, pregnant butt gave it up in the 3rd quarter and went to bed. I thought I was watching BYU beat the snot out of the t-sips down in Austin, but that game soooooooo didn’t go my way. The fact I missed the Michigan game marks the 2nd thriller I’ve missed this season. I also missed the TCU/Baylor thriller a few weeks ago. And I call myself a college football fan. I’m ashamed. Truly, I am. In other news, yesterday the Hubs jokingly asked me if I was naming this kiddo Earl if it was a boy. The truth is, we haven’t even discussed boy names because our first-born son was named before I even wanted kids. I came across (made up?) a name years ago that I’ve never heard used. I’ve never uttered it to anyone in hopes that someday I would be able to use it. Going forward though, I think Earl is a PERFECT nickname for this kiddo.


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