15W 3D

I was scheduled for a normal OB check-up yesterday at 15 weeks and 3 days.  It was exactly 4 weeks from my last appointment.  I was expecting the typical weight, pee in a cup, blood pressure, listen to the heartbeat, measure your uterus, any questions? check-up so I was surprised when Monica directed me to room #9.  Let’s back up.  I prefer to schedule my appointment for first thing in the morning.  8:30 is perfect.  I’m one of the first patients so there’s virtually no wait.  Sadly, I’m not the only smart one and those appointment disappear.  Quickly.  So yesterday I was scheduled at 12:10.  I also like morning appointments because then I can take A with me and don’t have to arrange childcare.  My appointment yesterday fell right around nap time so I had to take her to my mother-in-laws.  I was called back about 10 minutes after my scheduled time, and Monica came to get me.  This made me slightly nervous since she’s more the head nurse/nurse manager and not one of the normal girls.  My first thought was that they had bad news for me.  Turns out she’s just “attached” to me (my docs words).  Makes me happy and relieved that I’m being taken care of. 🙂

Anyways, I was surprised to be in room #9.  That’s where the ultrasound machine is and I wasn’t scheduled for an u/s yesterday.  Once I entered the room I peeked at the screen and sure enough, there was my name and social security number.  “I’m getting a sono today?” I asked Monica.  “Well, sure, why not?”  she replied.  At this point I was actually really glad the Hubs had tagged along even though I told him he didn’t need to come.  Monica asked me if I still didn’t want to know the sex of Earl.  I’ve lost this battle in my house.  Hubs wants to know and A is convinced it’s a boy.  Since there’s really no compromising on this issue I said sure, we can find out today.  “Well, we already know what it is,” she laughingly said.  She was in the room last time when Dr. A said she spotted the gender and gave us the option of finding out before 12 weeks.  Fast forward, Dr. A comes in, listens to the heartbeat on the doppler and feels my uterus.  I asked her to show me where the top was…no real reason, I’m just curious.  Start the u/s part and baby looks good.  Getting much bigger and we could see the legs all crossed up.  It’s pretty amazing to see how much larger the baby is now after just 4 weeks and to see how little room s/he has to move around.  Sadly, we got no clear look at the gender.  They thought it was a boy at my last appointment (which I know is WAY early to be determining gender…part of the reason I didn’t want to know last time) but this time they said, maybe girl?  Baby was upside down, so to speak, so we were looking from the butt down and the umbilical cord was in the way.  No biggie, I’m scheduled for my anatomy scan in 4 weeks so we’ll hopefully get a much clearer look then.  Either way, I’m happy.  I’m happy today that the baby is healthy and ALIVE.  I told both Dr. A and Monica that the next several weeks were going to be very hard for me.  They both knew and Monica even commented, “we’ll get through it.”  Dr. A encouraged me to come in just to have the heartbeat checked every week from now until my next appointment.  I’m so glad they’re giving me the extra care and attention right now. I’m trying really hard not to be a head-case…especially in front of them…but I really appreciate that out of the hundreds of patients they see, they know me, know my story and are willing to give me some personal, individualized care.  My normally over-confident doctor even admitted that she listened to the heartbeat of her little girl (remember, she’s pregnant too) every day until she started moving consistently.  She also said her baby had a really slow day movement-wise yesterday and it scared the crap out of her.  It’s nice to discover your doctor is also human.

So where we stand right now is everything looks good and is progressing normally.  I’m just crossing my fingers, toes, legs, arms and anything else I can think of that we get through the next few weeks without another tragedy.  Once we get past 19-20 weeks I’ll find something else to obsess about.

We have several pictures, but again, I have NO CLUE what I’m looking at.  This one’s pretty obvious though. 🙂

PG3 US4 Scan 1


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