This baby is addicted to Skittles

He is. I swear. It’s the only thing I would actually say I have craved so far in this pregnancy. He makes me eat them. Demands it really. He makes me think about them all of the time then convinces me it’s totally fine to eat 4-5 of those little mini bags I’m supposed to be saving for trick-or-treaters. In fact, he likes them so much, I don’t think the second bag (of little individual bags) is going to make it into the donation container at church. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be emptied into our large candy bowl because Earl will need the Skittles much more than the kids at the church’s Halloween event. And I doubt any of our trick-or-treaters will get Skittles because I’m pretty sure Earl will insist I hoard them into some hiding spot only the two of us are privy to. Of course, after he demands obscene amounts of Skittles he proceeds to dance about wildly in my belly so I’m not really complaining too much. I really hope I pass my Glucose test because the thought of not being able to eat Skittles is just traumatizing. Now…about that 2nd bag of Skittles….


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