19 weeks

19 weeks. I’m 19 weeks today, people. This is a big deal…I’m officially to/past the point I was with the twins. Do I feel better? Not really, but the tons of movement I felt when I woke up this morning did put a smile on my face. I’m pretty sure it was hiccups too. A had them constantly when I was pregnant with her. My big anatomy scan is 1 week away and I’m crossing all my crossables that all looks 100% healthy. Maybe I can relax after thar, but probably not.

I have it in my head to take some belly shots during all my free time this weekend (snort) so we can all admire my halfway-point belly. In other news, I’d been feeling fine but I’m feeling slightly nauseous today…probably thanks to those late night skittles. A and I are going to attempt the Halloween event at our zoo once she gets up from her nap and then I’m getting a much needed girls night out with my sister-in-law that includes a massage and dinner and whatever other antics we can come up with.


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