19 Week Belly Shot

Here is the long-awaited, much-anticipated and almost half-way belly shot. Okay, most of that wasn’t actually true. We took these yesterday so to be completely honest, these are 19 weeks and 2 days belly shots. Friday is the big scan. I’m trying to stay positive and build up some excitement, but truthfully I’m really scared. I’m feeling a lot of movement, especially most of this morning and if I’m ever worried, I can still easily pick up the heartbeat with my Doppler (except yesterday when Earl decided to lay really low and all I could find for several minutes was the increasing pounding of my own heart). The heartbeat seems to have slowed slightly.  I used to find it in the mid to upper 150’s and lately it’s been in the 140’s. I know the heartbeat slows some as the baby grows…but interesting (and slightly nerve-wracking) none-the-less.

I’m finding much more humor in this pregnancy. The first time around you’re so totally horrified by the things that happen to your body the last thing you think about doing is laughing. The second (well, third for me) time around…you find them funny. I want to start writing about it but I’m saving the light-hearted stuff until after this weekend.

And who knows, maybe someday I’ll be brave and post a picture of my whole face on here…however, today is not that day!

19 week belly 1

19 week belly 2


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