The Most Wonderful Time of the Year, Y’all

I’m a self-admitted Christmas addict.  I always have been and once I had a place (apartment, house) of my own, my obsession has grown.  But more than that, it’s this whole time of year starting with Halloween going right thru the end of the year.  It’s even more important to me now that I have a child(ren) of my own.  I enjoy decorating the house for A and celebrating the holidays this time of year.  I think Hubs probably appreciates it too, but he grew up with a mom that decorated for every holiday so it’s really not a change for him.

My sister-in-law was off work yesterday and spent the afternoon with us.  There was a threat of rain and storms (that, of course, never materialized) so we put off our plans of going to the zoo with A and found something else fun to do.  We went shopping for Thanksgiving decorations and went to “look” at Christmas decor.  We hit Garden Ridge last night and perused all the Christmas decorations making mental notes of all the items we were going to purchase once they go on sale.  A enjoyed it also.  She was particularly fascinated with the huge, blow up decorations that go in the yard.  We won’t be having any of that around here…I have to maintain some level of class.  Even though I strive to be a Griswold this time of year.  We were both able to pick up some really cute Fall/Thanksgiving decorations!  Then, I decided I didn’t have near enough Thanksgiving decorations.  Even though I don’t actually know what I currently have because I haven’t taken the time to open the bin Hubs got out of the attic for me.  But nevermind, the new stuff I got last night will be awesome.  Then this morning I decided I needed to go look for more decorations so I hit Hobby Lobby and Target, because what would a Tuesday or Thursday be without a trip to Target?  In my attempts to increase my plethora of Thanksgiving decorations, I’ve also realized I’m going to need a healthy, and I mean HEALTHY budget for additional Christmas decor.  The majority of it will be spent on purchasing and outfitting a new tree for my entry way…but whatevs.

I’m looking forward to all the chaos of the holidays this year.  Last year I was pregnant with the twins and sick and exhausted.  I don’t remember clearly, but I don’t think we even put up all the outside lights…something that’s never happened since we moved in.  I’m not letting a moment get away this year.  This year, A is old enough to appreciate the idea of Christmas.  While she doesn’t grasp the whole concept she will appreciate and enjoy all the decorations and the fun stuff we get to do this time of year.  We always celebrated Christmas growing up, but it’s one of my mom’s least favorite holidays.  She doesn’t have fond memories from her childhood so it was often my sister and I that begged my dad to get the decorations out of the attic and we usually put out all the decor ourselves.  I don’t know, maybe there was more “magic” surrounding Christmas when we were younger but I don’t really remember it.  It was always fun and special, but I don’t think Christmas gave my mom the antsy, giggly feeling it gives me.  And now…having a child to “do” Christmas for makes it sooooooo much better.  Again, maybe the magical part of Christmas starts to fade as your children grow, but I’m not there yet.

Little Earl(ette) had a really active day most of the day yesterday.  Almost to the point of being uncomfortable and all those strong kicks and punches had me slightly nauseous most of the day.  I loved it though; I was even able to watch my belly move with her kicks.  Of course, she’s super quiet today which has slightly elevated my level of concern.  I’m resisting the urge to break out the doppler for the 2nd time today.  I already know I’ll cave, just not sure when.

So now I’m off to put out all the turkeys, pumpkins and statues of pilgrims I’ve managed to acquire over the past few years.  A will be home from school in a few short hours and I’m hoping to have it all done before she gets here.  And yes, in case you were wondering (or had already guessed) I have Christmas music playing in the background.  Not the best picture, but here’s an idea of our home at Christmas time from a few short years ago.  Time to get in the spirit folks!

xmas lights


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