Thanksgiving At Our Home

The fatigue I’m currently feeling is unreal.  I’m really not sure what’s going on, aside from the whole growing another human-being thing.  I’m not sleeping particularly well at night, mostly thanks to a slight cold I’m battling.  I’m rather stressed about being so tired because I’m getting very, very little done.  I’m thinking that may just be the way it is until I recover a little bit of energy.  Maybe the magical mop-fairy will visit my house and clean my floors.

I don’t consider myself some great decorator, but in the spirit of protecting a holiday that’s struggling to keep its head above water, I thought it would be a nice tribute to show-off the Thanksgiving decorations around here.  Ironically, we won’t even be in town for Thanksgiving, there’s a big football game happening that we plan to be at, but we can enjoy the turkeys, pumpkins and pilgrims anyway.  It’s also worth noting, while keeping true to my shopping-self, nothing was purchased at full price.  Because these items have been pieced together over a few years I can’t be certain how much I paid for everything, but I guarantee you what I bought was marked down at least 50%.  Even my pumpkins…got one for free since it was missing the sticker and the cashier was lazy and the other one I happened upon for $2 when I was looking for plants yesterday.

Here’s our front door.  Please note that is the official maroon paint of Texas A&M on our front door:
front door

Next, a few shots of the front porch:
front porch 2

front porch 1

A close-up of the pumpkin turkey. A got a real kick out of this guy:
pumpkin turkey 2

And a close-up of the pumpkin cat. He’s new this year. And funny story: I realized while editing these photos the mouth/nose is upside down. I’ve since fixed it, but thought it was too funny not to share so here’s Pumpkin Cat with his mouth and nose upside down:
cat pumpkin

Inside our living room:

hearth 2


wire pumpkins

Cosmo gets really antsy whenever I start moving stuff around or we rearrange furniture. He gets all sad and droopy and usually makes his way to his kennel. The week we spend putting out Christmas decorations is almost too much for him. Here’s proof:

This little assortment sits on my kitchen table:
kitchen table

And this charming couple sits atop the fridge. I figure their names are Mary and John. Something really traditional because I don’t imagine the pilgrims were running around making up names for their kids like we do nowadays:
fridge pilgrims

So, there you go. Proof that at least one American family remains that still recognizes and celebrates Thanksgiving. And remember folks, if you’re cooking t-day dinner, time to get that turkey into the fridge so he can start to thaw. Or, if you’re like me, learn to love football and forgo the big t-day feast. I’m totally psyched for our ham sandwiches this year.

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