A’s Aggie Overalls

I don’t think I have any fellow Aggies following along here, but if I do, a special welcome and Howdy! to you!  This one’s for you…

I feel slightly bad that my post last night was such a downer.  Only slightly though, because after all, this blog is pretty much my only therapy.  And I’m really trying to remain honest here.  Nothing is more frustrating than a blogger that only writes about the good times.  Nobody’s life is perfect, and if it is, well, the rest of us prefer not to know about it.  We want the muck and the mire to help us realize we’re not alone out here.  Keep your fantasy life to yourself.

Now, let’s discuss what I’ve been up to the past few weeks.  At one of the football games earlier this season I spotted a young girl in Aggie overalls.  The term “Aggie overalls” defines something very specific.  You want to be educated?  Well great!  I was planning to do just that.  You see, the little girl was sporting her overalls complete with the required class year painted on her rear-end.  I immediately texted my sis-in-law, whose seats are in a different part of the stadium and told her A needed some Aggie overalls for Thanksgiving and was she interested in helping me.  She of course responded with yes.  The other thing you have to understand is that we (Hubs and I, and well, I suppose all our extended family) are totally, completely and 100% dedicated to Texas A&M.  We save monthly for A’s college and put a portion of her bday and Christmas money gifts into her college fund also.  One of the first things we did was determine what class year she was.  Class of 2031…we’ll get to that.  We’re not joking when we say that our money is only good at one place.  We’ll pay for her school, so long as that school is Texas A&M.  A lot of people have given us flack about it, but to be honest, there is no doubt in my mind she’ll want to go as badly as I did and as badly as we want her to.  It’s in her blood.  She’s been surrounded by it since day one.  The first thing I ever purchased for her (before she was born, heck, even before we knew she was a girl) was a maroon blankie…she still carries it daily and sleeps with it always.  If you ask her what color it is, she’ll tell you maroon.  She has A&M toys and books and knows when the Aggie Band comes on Hubs’ iPod and recognizes them in the background noise when we’re watching a football game on tv.  She LOVES to watch the band performances too.  This time of year is particularly full of Aggie spirit and tradition because we play the t-sips from Austin at Thanksgiving each year.  Except next year.  And the year after that.  And who knows for how long; since the Aggies are joining the SEC, tu has decided to take their toys and go home and refuses to play us in any sport.  Just let the record show it was their call, not ours.  But I digress…

I’m not a crafty person.  This task that lay before me was daunting.  Even tracking down plain denim overalls was a huge ordeal.  After quite the goose chase, I scored big time at the resale shop…happened upon a pair in the boy’s section for a mere $4.99.  Nice.  Anyways, it’s taken all my creative juices, lots of glue and very minimal stitching (because I can’t sew) to create these overalls.  I love them, Hubs adores them and A can’t wait to wear them.  And now, behold, A’s Redass Aggie Overalls!

Here’s the front:
Here’s the back:
Close-up of front top side:
front tabs
Front pocket:
front pocket
Front pant legs:
front legs
Close-up of letters and maroon dots:
Backside, the ruffles are my absolute favorite:
back legs
c/o ’31, proudly displayed!
HOWDY! The official Aggie greeting:
Back straps – I’m sure her hair will cover this but oh well:
back straps
And the required Saw ‘Em Off!
leg close up

Now, in other news, I seem to have damaged my camera. It fell out of the stroller several weeks ago while we were at Hubs’ half-marathon and took a nice bounce on the concrete. And it kind of feels like I’ve lost a limb. Or perhaps a vital organ. For months I’d been planning to buy a prime lens with my birthday money and now I have to replace my crappy kit lens, (which I realize isn’t a terrible thing, but just really poor timing) and I will most likely have to send my camera body off for some repairs. There’s something moving inside the camera body and I don’t think that’s supposed to happen. I’m beyond upset. That leaves me basically camera-less for Thanksgiving and if the body can’t be repaired, well, higher-end camera bodies aren’t exactly cheap. My camera still functions, but if you look at the pictures I just posted, the focus is off. I can use my macro lens to get me through the weekend, just won’t be able to capture any great candid shots. My macro lens doesn’t have image stabilization and it makes clearly capturing any movement next to impossible. Sigh. It’s really got me bummed out. There’s a large part of me that wants to march down to the camera store, buy the Canon 60D or the 7D, a few new lenses and be done with it. But there’s this whole “be fiscally responsible” thing that’s (barely) keeping me from doing it.  And just because I’m choosing not to do it doesn’t mean I’m not pissed about it.  Blah.


2 thoughts on “A’s Aggie Overalls

  1. I was googling Aggie Overalls to get ideas for my grandson’s we were painting for fall.. class of 2034! Loved reading that your money would only go to A&M.That was our mantra as well and our children were Classes of 07 & 11, both met their spouses at Fish Camp, so we are now working on Mr. K class of 2034! Thanks for the inspiration. Gig’em & God Bless!

    • What a great story! We’re hoping to create our own Aggie clan here too! We had another daughter this past March so I’m going to have to start thinking about some Aggie overalls for her also. We’re certainly ready for the football season to start! Thanks so much for stopping by!

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