Lord, I apologize…

I apologize for my ridiculous blogging hiatus.  It wasn’t intentional, there’s just been a lot going on around here and nothing seemed significant enough to blog about.  I’m sure my husband would disagree as I’ve recently dragged him, unsuspectingly, into a series of deep, emotional conversations.  He gets suckered into them, which really isn’t fair, but I digress.

Most of our time lately has been spent getting things in order around our house.  I have thrown out bag, after bag, after bag of trash.  Not 100% certain what all I’ve tossed, hope I don’t miss it anytime soon.  A’s room is almost finished and I’ve started to make some headway in the nursery too.  I don’t really have a timeline, but I’m hoping to wrap things up in the next few weeks.  We have a ridiculous amount of clothes.  That’s what’s taken most of my time…sorting, laundering, more sorting and putting it all away.  We bought Baby C a “coming home” outfit, and my mother has purchased several items (because I guess she can’t hear me when I tell her we have enough) but we truly and honestly need nothing else in the way of clothes.  Seriously.  We’re set through about the 3T mark where we’ll have to re-evaluate.  A started to get pretty rough on her clothes at that point, so there’s less and less to store.

Last week was a complete waste.  The plague hit our house and A and I literally spent the entire week in bed watching cartoons.  THE WHOLE WEEK.  And this thing is viral so there’s not a damn thing to be done about it.  “Give her Benadryl.” says her pediatrician.  Yeah, that doesn’t work.  Never has.  We had the best luck with Tylenol (well, acetaminophen because I’m cheap), Mucinex Cough during the day and good old Dimetapp at night so she could sleep without hacking.  Also, the Vicks on the bottom of her feet and on her chest worked wonders.  Seriously people, the child ran a fever for 6 days.  6 DAYS.  Luckily, I never got the fever, but I’m stuffy, had a terrible cough and still can’t breathe through my nose.  We’re on the mend though, so that’s good.  A was supposed to head to my mom and dad’s place last Saturday, but woke up with a fever of 102, so we kept her home.  She was heartbroken…as were we (for different reasons) but I think she’s going this weekend instead.  It’s perfect timing because there are a few things I’d REALLY like to get taken care of around the house and it’s just next to impossible to do with a 3 year-old running around.

Next on my list of happenings is this: I’ve been spending my time coming to terms with the fact I’m most likely having a c-section.  I’ll write a whole post about it but I’m definitely struggling with it.  Baby C is breech, has been this whole time and is pretty much out of time to turn on her own.  I’ll be 34 weeks on Friday and seeing as how I found her heartbeat near my ribs this morning (I had a temporary moment of panic and needed to listen to her heartbeat), I’m losing hope on a daily basis.  Anyways…more to come on that subject.

The Hubs flew out this morning to spend the next few days in some swanky hotel in San Francisco.  I was this close to boarding the dogs, saying “the hell” with my plans not to travel more than 15 minutes away from home and the 3 Level III NICU’s in the area, and going with him.  Honestly, the 4 hours flight was more of a deterrent than anything else.  All was not lost though, I spent my morning at my first ever photography class!  My mom gave me a gift certificate for a 1-hour 1-on-1 photo course and I scheduled it for this morning!  It was lots of fun and really nice to be able to finally ask some questions, in person, of a professional photographer.  I learned quite a bit and after my instructor left, I spent another hour or so just shooting.  Which I love to do.  Not sure why I don’t do it more often.  Anyways, I’ve instructed the Hubs to no longer purchase me certificates for massages and pedicures (because that happens oh so often) and instead to get me more photo courses with this guy.  I learn best in a 1-on-1 setting where I can DO and not just read about it.  Plus, it feels really cool to advance a skill that I want to, simply because I enjoy it!

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