I’m braving a bikini wax today.

I’m no waxing virgin.  I’ve done everything from eyebrows to bikini to brazilian for years now and frankly, I don’t find it to be that bad.  The lady I go to came highly recommended by a few people and she’s great…which makes a big difference.  Not only is she skilled and quick, but we chit-chat the whole time I’m laying there in a slightly compromising position while she spreads hot wax on my nether-regions and rips my pubic hair out.  While not at the top of my list of fun things to do, waxing doesn’t normally scare me.  It does today though.  You see, I’ve apparently been doing SUCH a good job practicing my Hypnobirthing relaxation techniques that some intruder came into my bedroom, acquired a pair of steel-toed boots and kicked me, repeatedly, in the crotch.  I had no idea this was happening (since I was so relaxed and all) and wasn’t aware of the damage that had been done until the next morning when I could barely get out of bed and hobble to the bathroom.  It was the kind of pain where you expect blood, bruising and swelling, only upon closer inspection (not that close, really, I’m 35 weeks pregnant after all), everything looked fine.  Obviously a more likely scenario is that my body is like, “Oh, yeah, I remember this.  Let me go ahead and stretch those ligaments and open up that pelvis ahead of time for ya.”  More likely, yes, but not NEAR as much fun to tell people.  Or perhaps there’s a head sitting in my pelvis and pressing down on my cervix.  A girl can dream.   So while the pain is a little better than it was a few days ago, I fear the pain that is still there might make this upcoming bikini wax a little nightmarish.  It really doesn’t matter though, because I’m apparently growing a rainforest down under and I can’t accept it any longer.

I went out this past weekend and spent what I consider to be a ridiculous amount of money on nursing attire.  I needed nursing bras, a few nursing tanks and wanted some nursing pajamas for the hospital, around the house and basically the next year of my life.  This stuff, rarely, if ever, goes on sale so I was forced to pay full-price, except for the pj’s, which were buy 1 get 1 free.  For some reason, the last time around, I decided I didn’t need nursing bras or breast pads or any of that fancy-schmancy nursing attire.  And I didn’t for a few days.  Until my milk came in.  I was perfectly fine in the hospital fighting the cups of my bra down so I could feed A.  Once I got home I pretty much went braless and it took me days, DAYS, to discover that when A nursed on one side I was, quite literally, spewing milk from the other side.  I could not for the life of me figure out why my shirt and boppy were wet…and why my child’s clothes were wet.  The story I love to tell is my 20-something sister sitting on the couch with me while I’m nursing…I have no shirt on and no bra (I lack some of the basic ins and outs of modesty people…especially around my family) and I’m squirting milk out of one boob.  My poor sister…I’m pretty sure I scarred her for life.  (She also sanitized the pieces of my breast pump for me.  The hilarious images of her boiling my breast pump parts in the kitchen and removing them from the water with tongs still makes me smile.)  Thankfully she had enough decency to say, “Um, can I get you a towel or something?”  I was too busy laughing to answer her.  I found it incredibly funny at the time, and still do.  I had tears rolling down my face I thought it was so funny.  I still didn’t get it though.  I remember looking down as the photographer was leaving after A’s newborn portraits and seeing a wet spot about the size of a nickel on my shirt.  I was like, “What the hell is that?”  She was 2 weeks old at this point and I STILL hadn’t figured out my boobs were leaking.  I wasn’t totally ignorant either.  I took a class and read several books specific to breastfeeding.  For some reason though, I figured the rules didn’t apply to me.  I don’t remember when I finally decided I needed some nursing bras and breast pads, but it took waaaaaay too long for me to come to that conclusion.  I’m set this time around though.  Except for one thing…

The Hubs got onto me last night because all my new, ‘spensive nursing attire is still sitting in the shopping bags.  I can’t bring myself to take the tags off, wash it and toss a few things into a bag for the hospital.  I don’t mean to be difficult, I just have this mental block and every time I think about doing something like packing a freaking hospital bag, I convince myself I still have plenty of time.  It’s a defense mechanism and the real reason is that I’m afraid to pack a bag with nursing clothes, a baby blanket, a stuffed animal for Baby C and her coming home outfit; all this stuff that indicates I ACTUALLY EXPECT to bring home a living, breathing baby.  It’s so weird, but I’ve promised him I would at least wash the new clothes today so we’ll see if I make any progress.  A and I spent several hours yesterday afternoon with my mom.  Both my parents and my in-laws wanted to purchase something substantial for Baby C.  My in-laws bought the new glider (wonder when it’s going to be ready?) so that left a new breast pump or a new diaper bag for my parents to purchase.  I don’t need a new diaper bag.  I have an INSANELY expensive one that I adore but I WANTED a new one for this baby.  I found a gorgeous new one yesterday that my mom happily purchased for me.  I’m excited about it but it’s still sitting in my bedroom.  Haven’t even taken it out of its beautiful bag and dust cover.  I just can’t.  Not yet.  The pricey diaper bags have ALWAYS been my thing.  I used to joke with the Hubs that if I ever decided I wanted to have kids, he was going to have to agree to a $1500 diaper bag.  He thought I was joking.  No he didn’t, he knew I was serious.  I didn’t spend quite that much the first time around, and my mom only spent a fraction of that, but there’s something about making such a large, luxurious,  intentional for Baby C purchase that has me a little freaked out.  Hubs told me last night he doesn’t think I’ve actually wrapped my head around the idea that we’re HAVING ANOTHER BABY.  I think he’s right, but I’m not sure how to fix it.  I’m going through all the motions, I’m excited about meeting her, preparing for labor and delivery and finishing up her nursery, yet, I’m not sure I’ve actually grasped that we’re leaving our home with 1 little girl and coming home with 2 little girls.  And my latest irrational, pregnancy-induced, hormonal fear?  That Baby C will be born a “he” instead of a “she”.  Pretty sure the Hubs wants out at this point.  He can’t take the crazy much longer.

So, if you hear screaming from deep within the heart of Texas in the next hour…no worries, it’s just a much too vain pregnant lady getting her lady bits waxed in an attempt not to appear as a freak show for all the nurses and doctors that will see her most treasured body parts over the coming weeks.  And blah, blah, blah, they’re professionals that see it everyday, they don’t care…yeah, I know.  I’ve heard it all.  But I like to think they too can at least appreciate the effort.

I think I’m in love.

I’ve loved a lot of men in my life. Maybe not in the same way, but loved them all the same. The one I love the most is my husband, of course. Well, maybe not “of course” since the older I get the more I realize a lot of people are stuck in loveless marriages and relationships. I don’t understand it and it makes me sad, but I digress. I may not be giddy and silly in love with my husband all the time, but there is always an all-consuming love for him present in my life. The kind of love that recognizes what we’ve endured and recognizes there are greater things for us to do together. The kind of love that leaves me never wondering if I’m truly with my soul mate.

I also love my dad. As most of us do, we look to our parents as examples of how to raise our own kids and then we change a few things. Overall, my dad is a great father and I’m lucky to have him in my life. A few months ago he randomly called one Sunday just to say he was pleased with me. Even at 31, married with (almost) 2 kids it meant a lot. Sometimes only the approval of your father will do.

I have a handful of friends/family from college that I love. A different category of love than the 2 previous paragraphs, but men I would grieve if lost and men I enjoy having in my life. Men that helped shape my college experience into what it was.

Now that the sappy stuff is out of the way, let’s move on. Sidebar: I have got to liven up this blog. Frankly, I find myself hilarious. I’ll add that to my 2012 goals…to make you laugh more. Anyways….I’m also in love with several “men” in my life. See what I did there? I tend to become fairly attached to inanimate objects. My child seems to have inherited this trait which is currently played out by the ridiculous number of stuffed animals she possesses. If I really like said object, I give it a name. Does this make me crazy? Let me introduce you to a few of the “men” I love. Yes, they all take on a masculine form. Probably says something about my insecurity but, whatevs.

Number 2
Over the years, Hubs and I have acquired home-improvement items as gifts from his parents. We’d ask to borrow something then Hubs would get a replica as the next Christmas/birthday gift. At first it was useful. Then it was comical. Then it was irritating. Then we just stopped asking to borrow stuff. We don’t have a garage you see, so by borrowing the item, we didn’t have to find a place to store said item. His parents didn’t seem to get the hint, so we just stopped asking to borrow anything. The last thing they get him/us though, was a shop-vac. The thing is glorious. I adore him. With 3 dogs it’s the only way my baseboards get really clean. Even my Dyson can’t compete. I get such a sense of satisfaction sucking up enormous amounts of dog hair and dust and whatever else I use it for. I truly enjoy using Number 2 to clean behind the fridge, beside the washer and dryer, etc. I named him Number 2 as in, Hubs is Number 1. I don’t get to use it often since it’s so loud, and also because I won’t get it out of the scary shed.

The dog is a complete ass. He makes my life significantly more challenging. He sheds, he doesn’t mind, he still chews up things even though he’s almost 9, barks constantly, won’t walk on a leash and insists on having my spot on the couch in the evenings, I suppose because it’s warm. But I love him. Dearly. It’s like an abusive relationship, honestly.  I can’t leave.  He can’t leave.  I just don’t feel like he’d survive without me and I’m not sure I could live without him. I secretly love nights when he curls up beside me on the couch…which is hilarious since he’s 80+ pounds and convinced he’s a lap dog. Very rarely he’ll sleep in my bed when Hubs is out of town. The truth it, he’s our guard dog. I feel more safe here by myself when Hubs travels and I fully expect Cosmo to do his job should the need arise. It helps he’s easy on the eyes.

Ol’ Sarge
Our new Keurig. It’s maroon. And we (proudly) added an A&M decal. And Ol’ Sarge is an Aggie reference. I’d wanted one last year but couldn’t justify spending the money. We drink a lot of coffee around here so it will actually cost us more money in the long run. This year, we spotted the maroon one (it’s actually being discontinued) and just knew he had to come live with us. Plus, we’d just been gifted some money from Hubs’ grandfather to buy our own Christmas gift so it was a no-brainer. He’s beautiful, makes splendid coffee, and just makes me smile when I see him on the counter. He also makes cider, hot chocolate, hot tea and has the ability to brew cold tea and iced coffee beverages. Haven’t tried it yet given the temperatures, but I plan to give it a whirl once it starts to warm up. I hate, hate, hate reheating my coffee in the microwave. It just tastes gross and burnt to me. I’m thrilled at the idea of a fresh-brewed cup any time of day once Baby C gets here.

Ladies and Gents, I’ve saved the best for last. I’d like to introduce you to Julian.  Julian arrived on Friday around lunch time and I’ve been completely smitten since taking him out of his box.  He’s so sexy.  Lots of buttons and dials and a HUGE LCD display screen.  You see, I’ve been researching cameras for some time now.  I knew I wanted to purchase a new lens, but I also had the intent of purchasing a new body, just farther down the line.  I did tons of research.  Then I did more research. Then I decided on one.  Then I changed my mind.  Then I did more research.  Then some more.  Then I made another decision.  Then I announced to Hubs I had no idea what I actually wanted and had no idea what to do.  After breaking down in tears for the 3rd time, the Hubs had had enough and announced we needed to find a way to buy the new body NOW.  I wasn’t able to get any clear shots of Christmas and that just breaks my heart.  Not having a working camera was like missing an appendage.  We couldn’t even locate our point and shoot.  I knew my kit lens was broken.  I had an inkling I’d also damaged my camera body, but wasn’t sure.  Either way, all my images have been blurry, or the focal point was off.  Shooting indoors is hard enough since I’m not usually working with a ton of natural light.  Also, I loathe the on-board flash and I don’t own a speed light so….the results aren’t pretty.  Anyways, I was determined not to make a purchase until I could pay for it, IN CASH, and I was able to do just that.  Some birthday money combined with Christmas money and redirecting a few cash flow items allowed me to purchase this beautiful new kit and even get it shipped 2-day air!  I’m normally such a cheap-skate that paying extra for shipping felt really extravagant.  I decided to go with the whole kit which got me the Canon 7D along with the 28-135 lens.  I’ve got my eye on an L-series lens, but that will have to wait until I save up some more mula.  I’ve already had Julian hard at work and so far I’m very pleased.  I’ve got TONS to learn as this camera can do things I can’t even describe, but I’m thrilled to grow into him.  Isn’t he lovely?


And PS. Please do every photographer you know a favor. Whether they be amateurs, hobbyists, professionals or somewhere in between. Don’t ever make the comment that their “camera will take great pictures.”  It’s insulting.  It’s not the camera that takes the pictures, the person using it has a little bit to do with the final image.  Mmmkay?  Thanks.

A’s Aggie Overalls

I don’t think I have any fellow Aggies following along here, but if I do, a special welcome and Howdy! to you!  This one’s for you…

I feel slightly bad that my post last night was such a downer.  Only slightly though, because after all, this blog is pretty much my only therapy.  And I’m really trying to remain honest here.  Nothing is more frustrating than a blogger that only writes about the good times.  Nobody’s life is perfect, and if it is, well, the rest of us prefer not to know about it.  We want the muck and the mire to help us realize we’re not alone out here.  Keep your fantasy life to yourself.

Now, let’s discuss what I’ve been up to the past few weeks.  At one of the football games earlier this season I spotted a young girl in Aggie overalls.  The term “Aggie overalls” defines something very specific.  You want to be educated?  Well great!  I was planning to do just that.  You see, the little girl was sporting her overalls complete with the required class year painted on her rear-end.  I immediately texted my sis-in-law, whose seats are in a different part of the stadium and told her A needed some Aggie overalls for Thanksgiving and was she interested in helping me.  She of course responded with yes.  The other thing you have to understand is that we (Hubs and I, and well, I suppose all our extended family) are totally, completely and 100% dedicated to Texas A&M.  We save monthly for A’s college and put a portion of her bday and Christmas money gifts into her college fund also.  One of the first things we did was determine what class year she was.  Class of 2031…we’ll get to that.  We’re not joking when we say that our money is only good at one place.  We’ll pay for her school, so long as that school is Texas A&M.  A lot of people have given us flack about it, but to be honest, there is no doubt in my mind she’ll want to go as badly as I did and as badly as we want her to.  It’s in her blood.  She’s been surrounded by it since day one.  The first thing I ever purchased for her (before she was born, heck, even before we knew she was a girl) was a maroon blankie…she still carries it daily and sleeps with it always.  If you ask her what color it is, she’ll tell you maroon.  She has A&M toys and books and knows when the Aggie Band comes on Hubs’ iPod and recognizes them in the background noise when we’re watching a football game on tv.  She LOVES to watch the band performances too.  This time of year is particularly full of Aggie spirit and tradition because we play the t-sips from Austin at Thanksgiving each year.  Except next year.  And the year after that.  And who knows for how long; since the Aggies are joining the SEC, tu has decided to take their toys and go home and refuses to play us in any sport.  Just let the record show it was their call, not ours.  But I digress…

I’m not a crafty person.  This task that lay before me was daunting.  Even tracking down plain denim overalls was a huge ordeal.  After quite the goose chase, I scored big time at the resale shop…happened upon a pair in the boy’s section for a mere $4.99.  Nice.  Anyways, it’s taken all my creative juices, lots of glue and very minimal stitching (because I can’t sew) to create these overalls.  I love them, Hubs adores them and A can’t wait to wear them.  And now, behold, A’s Redass Aggie Overalls!

Here’s the front:
Here’s the back:
Close-up of front top side:
front tabs
Front pocket:
front pocket
Front pant legs:
front legs
Close-up of letters and maroon dots:
Backside, the ruffles are my absolute favorite:
back legs
c/o ’31, proudly displayed!
HOWDY! The official Aggie greeting:
Back straps – I’m sure her hair will cover this but oh well:
back straps
And the required Saw ‘Em Off!
leg close up

Now, in other news, I seem to have damaged my camera. It fell out of the stroller several weeks ago while we were at Hubs’ half-marathon and took a nice bounce on the concrete. And it kind of feels like I’ve lost a limb. Or perhaps a vital organ. For months I’d been planning to buy a prime lens with my birthday money and now I have to replace my crappy kit lens, (which I realize isn’t a terrible thing, but just really poor timing) and I will most likely have to send my camera body off for some repairs. There’s something moving inside the camera body and I don’t think that’s supposed to happen. I’m beyond upset. That leaves me basically camera-less for Thanksgiving and if the body can’t be repaired, well, higher-end camera bodies aren’t exactly cheap. My camera still functions, but if you look at the pictures I just posted, the focus is off. I can use my macro lens to get me through the weekend, just won’t be able to capture any great candid shots. My macro lens doesn’t have image stabilization and it makes clearly capturing any movement next to impossible. Sigh. It’s really got me bummed out. There’s a large part of me that wants to march down to the camera store, buy the Canon 60D or the 7D, a few new lenses and be done with it. But there’s this whole “be fiscally responsible” thing that’s (barely) keeping me from doing it.  And just because I’m choosing not to do it doesn’t mean I’m not pissed about it.  Blah.

Thanksgiving At Our Home

The fatigue I’m currently feeling is unreal.  I’m really not sure what’s going on, aside from the whole growing another human-being thing.  I’m not sleeping particularly well at night, mostly thanks to a slight cold I’m battling.  I’m rather stressed about being so tired because I’m getting very, very little done.  I’m thinking that may just be the way it is until I recover a little bit of energy.  Maybe the magical mop-fairy will visit my house and clean my floors.

I don’t consider myself some great decorator, but in the spirit of protecting a holiday that’s struggling to keep its head above water, I thought it would be a nice tribute to show-off the Thanksgiving decorations around here.  Ironically, we won’t even be in town for Thanksgiving, there’s a big football game happening that we plan to be at, but we can enjoy the turkeys, pumpkins and pilgrims anyway.  It’s also worth noting, while keeping true to my shopping-self, nothing was purchased at full price.  Because these items have been pieced together over a few years I can’t be certain how much I paid for everything, but I guarantee you what I bought was marked down at least 50%.  Even my pumpkins…got one for free since it was missing the sticker and the cashier was lazy and the other one I happened upon for $2 when I was looking for plants yesterday.

Here’s our front door.  Please note that is the official maroon paint of Texas A&M on our front door:
front door

Next, a few shots of the front porch:
front porch 2

front porch 1

A close-up of the pumpkin turkey. A got a real kick out of this guy:
pumpkin turkey 2

And a close-up of the pumpkin cat. He’s new this year. And funny story: I realized while editing these photos the mouth/nose is upside down. I’ve since fixed it, but thought it was too funny not to share so here’s Pumpkin Cat with his mouth and nose upside down:
cat pumpkin

Inside our living room:

hearth 2


wire pumpkins

Cosmo gets really antsy whenever I start moving stuff around or we rearrange furniture. He gets all sad and droopy and usually makes his way to his kennel. The week we spend putting out Christmas decorations is almost too much for him. Here’s proof:

This little assortment sits on my kitchen table:
kitchen table

And this charming couple sits atop the fridge. I figure their names are Mary and John. Something really traditional because I don’t imagine the pilgrims were running around making up names for their kids like we do nowadays:
fridge pilgrims

So, there you go. Proof that at least one American family remains that still recognizes and celebrates Thanksgiving. And remember folks, if you’re cooking t-day dinner, time to get that turkey into the fridge so he can start to thaw. Or, if you’re like me, learn to love football and forgo the big t-day feast. I’m totally psyched for our ham sandwiches this year.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year, Y’all

I’m a self-admitted Christmas addict.  I always have been and once I had a place (apartment, house) of my own, my obsession has grown.  But more than that, it’s this whole time of year starting with Halloween going right thru the end of the year.  It’s even more important to me now that I have a child(ren) of my own.  I enjoy decorating the house for A and celebrating the holidays this time of year.  I think Hubs probably appreciates it too, but he grew up with a mom that decorated for every holiday so it’s really not a change for him.

My sister-in-law was off work yesterday and spent the afternoon with us.  There was a threat of rain and storms (that, of course, never materialized) so we put off our plans of going to the zoo with A and found something else fun to do.  We went shopping for Thanksgiving decorations and went to “look” at Christmas decor.  We hit Garden Ridge last night and perused all the Christmas decorations making mental notes of all the items we were going to purchase once they go on sale.  A enjoyed it also.  She was particularly fascinated with the huge, blow up decorations that go in the yard.  We won’t be having any of that around here…I have to maintain some level of class.  Even though I strive to be a Griswold this time of year.  We were both able to pick up some really cute Fall/Thanksgiving decorations!  Then, I decided I didn’t have near enough Thanksgiving decorations.  Even though I don’t actually know what I currently have because I haven’t taken the time to open the bin Hubs got out of the attic for me.  But nevermind, the new stuff I got last night will be awesome.  Then this morning I decided I needed to go look for more decorations so I hit Hobby Lobby and Target, because what would a Tuesday or Thursday be without a trip to Target?  In my attempts to increase my plethora of Thanksgiving decorations, I’ve also realized I’m going to need a healthy, and I mean HEALTHY budget for additional Christmas decor.  The majority of it will be spent on purchasing and outfitting a new tree for my entry way…but whatevs.

I’m looking forward to all the chaos of the holidays this year.  Last year I was pregnant with the twins and sick and exhausted.  I don’t remember clearly, but I don’t think we even put up all the outside lights…something that’s never happened since we moved in.  I’m not letting a moment get away this year.  This year, A is old enough to appreciate the idea of Christmas.  While she doesn’t grasp the whole concept she will appreciate and enjoy all the decorations and the fun stuff we get to do this time of year.  We always celebrated Christmas growing up, but it’s one of my mom’s least favorite holidays.  She doesn’t have fond memories from her childhood so it was often my sister and I that begged my dad to get the decorations out of the attic and we usually put out all the decor ourselves.  I don’t know, maybe there was more “magic” surrounding Christmas when we were younger but I don’t really remember it.  It was always fun and special, but I don’t think Christmas gave my mom the antsy, giggly feeling it gives me.  And now…having a child to “do” Christmas for makes it sooooooo much better.  Again, maybe the magical part of Christmas starts to fade as your children grow, but I’m not there yet.

Little Earl(ette) had a really active day most of the day yesterday.  Almost to the point of being uncomfortable and all those strong kicks and punches had me slightly nauseous most of the day.  I loved it though; I was even able to watch my belly move with her kicks.  Of course, she’s super quiet today which has slightly elevated my level of concern.  I’m resisting the urge to break out the doppler for the 2nd time today.  I already know I’ll cave, just not sure when.

So now I’m off to put out all the turkeys, pumpkins and statues of pilgrims I’ve managed to acquire over the past few years.  A will be home from school in a few short hours and I’m hoping to have it all done before she gets here.  And yes, in case you were wondering (or had already guessed) I have Christmas music playing in the background.  Not the best picture, but here’s an idea of our home at Christmas time from a few short years ago.  Time to get in the spirit folks!

xmas lights

Bargain Wench

I realize this blog is turning into a gigantic cluster of randomness.  But, eh, I’m enjoying myself.  Hope you are too.

I’m currently in mourning.  I’ve discovered that I’m going to have to sell an internal organ in order to purchase a handful of additional camera lenses I’ve been eyeing.  Which means I’m grumpy that I can’t have them now.  So what’s a girl to do?  Why, shop, of course.  Retail therapy at its finest.  I’ve prided myself for quite some time on my ability to find a bargain.  It’s almost a game now, and I have a really, really, REALLY, hard time spending more than $10 on any single clothing item…and that’s pushing it.  Now, let me clarify a few things.  I’m the proud owner of several designer items that were purchased at full price.  I don’t bargain shop for my designer items.  Most people selling used or fake items still want a hefty price and frankly, I want to have confidence that I’m purchasing an authentic item.  So, when it comes to a pricey, designer purchase, bargain shopping goes out the window.  Oh, and I don’t coupon either.  Frankly, I’m not smart enough and I don’t have enough patience.  On my day-to-day shopping however, I rarely and I mean RARELY pay full price for anything.  Most of my clothes have been purchased from the clearance racks.  I rarely buy outfits either, I usually pick up separates and mix and match them.  Even though I don’t purchase the highest quality clothing (I tend to shop at Target, Old Navy, JC Penney, etc.) my clothes seem to last for a few years.  I’m not claiming to be a fashionista AT ALL, but I sometimes manage to surprise myself with my finds.  Here’s the booty from today:

I told Hubs I was going to look for some maternity shorts.  I’m the proud owner of only 1 pair (a $5 clearance snag I made when I was pg with A a gazillion years ago) and I’m currently loving my husband’s underwear.  Yep, I’m roaming the house in his boxers…oh so comfy…definitely time for new shorts.  I managed to find 1 pair, and a few other things also.

mat khaki shorts

Liz Lange Maternity for Target--Purchased for $6.24

We still have a few months of tank top weather here in Texas. These puppies offer plenty of room for my expanding belly and at this price, I don’t mind only wearing them 1 year.

tank 2

Merona @ Target--Purchased for $3.24

tank 1

Merona @ Target--Purchased for $3.24

Now, I think this next one is actually a swim-cover. However, I tried it on and the denim is heavy enough to pass for a tunic-length shirt. I think it will be adorable with a pair of brown leggings. Please excuse the wrinkles.

denim tunic

Merona @ Target--Purchased for $6.48

I don’t always plan to shop the resale stores for little A.  In fact, I don’t often shop there.  But I was in the mood to check it out today and boy am I glad I did.  They had a few great finds!


I've got this outfit pegged for our upcoming trip to Sea World--Purchased (NWT) for $4.99


This dress will be perfect for school--Purchased for $4.99

denim jumper

Hanna Andersson jumper perfect for fall and winter--Purchased (NWT) for $7.99

denim jacket

Levi Strauss denim jacket with crystal (girly) buttons--Purchased (NWT) for $8.99

purple outfit

Carter's outfit with 2 pair of leggings--Purchased (NWT) for $9.99