Did You Survive?

Let me preface this post by stating the obvious.  I adore the Holidays.  But.  I discovered this year the stress and frustration that comes along with said Holidays…especially when entertaining family and trying, desperately, and mostly unsuccessfully to keep your almost 3-year-old on a somewhat normal schedule.  I’m still paying the price as I’m currently trying to get her down for a nap.  Her schedule is so messed up and it’s starting to really piss me off.

All that aside though, we had a nice Christmas.  We started on Christmas Eve by putting out food for the reindeer.  I had asked A a few weeks ago about putting food out for them, and told her they eat oatmeal.  She quickly informed me that no, they did not eat oatmeal, reindeer eat hay.  Crap.  Where was I going to get hay?  Thankfully I was meeting my mom for lunch in a few days and asked her to bring me a few handfuls.  We put the hay in a big bowl on the front porch before leaving for church. We attended the service at our church (only 30 minutes!) followed by their annual Christmas Eve petting zoo.  Totally random and totally adored by children and adults alike.  Of course A couldn’t get enough of the puppies.  I personally wanted to hold one of the piglets, but they were a popular commodity.  After church we made our way to my in-laws house where we had dinner and opened gifts.  A is the proud new owner of a shopping basket and lots of wooden food.  She loves it.  She’s also the proud new owner of a stuffed Mickey Mouse that’s bigger than she is courtesy of her Aunt D.  What are aunts for, after all?  She, Hubs and I also got a lot of other nice gifts.  We made our way home, put out cookies and milk for Santa and finally got her in bed around 10.  My sister-in-law lives alone so we had invited her to spend the night with us so she wasn’t alone on Christmas morning.  She and Hubs had some adult beverages while he assembled the basketball goal and I got out the rest of the Santa gifts.  Also, I picked up the hay and sprinkled tons of glitter on our front porch and sidewalk.  Nevermind it keeps getting tracked inside our house.  It was totally worth it to see A’s face when she saw the hay had been eaten and the magical reindeer walked all the way up the sidewalk to our porch leaving a glittery trail behind them.  It’s fun being a parent.

Christmas morning did not disappoint.  We were so excited to have a nice, quiet Christmas morning.  In years past my folks have shown up early…like 9am early.  Hubs and I were awake before A (pretty sure that’s going to come to a screeching halt before too long) and once she woke up we had a really nice, laid back, relaxed Christmas morning.  Plenty of time for her to open a few gifts, play with them, then go back to opening the rest of her gifts.  I got a few new Wusthof knives and Photoshop Elements!  I haven’t installed it yet but once I have a few hours to myself, Photoshop and I are going to get to know each other.  Hubs got some new shirts, lots of booze and concert tickets.  He agreed to take me with him and we’re going on a dinner/concert date Friday night!  My family arrived around 3 that afternoon, right when A was getting up from a much needed nap.  In our bed I might add.  It seems to be her new favorite place to nap.  I don’t really blame her.  Especially since Mickey Mouse had to sleep with her and well, our queen size bed was much more accommodating.  My folks brought tons of gifts and by this point, A was over it.  She opened a few and once she saw the Melissa and Doug wooden toolbox and pound-a-peg set, she was done.  It took hours of coercing to get her to open all her gifts.  My extended family and in-laws showed up for dinner at 6 and the craziness ensued for a few hours.  It was great to see them all, and I’m thrilled to be able to host family gatherings, but I was beat when they all finally made their way out of my house.  I spent Monday in bed guzzling obscene amounts of water.  I was exhausted and my pregnant body thanked me with Braxton Hicks contractions all day long.  A hasn’t been asleep before 10pm since Christmas Eve.  It’s getting old.  I figure things will go back to normal once she starts back to school next week, but gosh I wish a few days of fun and excitement didn’t mess her up so badly.  She’s still not asleep by the way.  She’s been in bed for an hour now.  I feel a no nap day coming on…:::shudder:::

Hubs went back to work today, so in his few days off he’s been working on getting A’s new room ready for her.  He has to put some texture on the walls but then it should be ready to paint.  I’m thinking it will be ready to prime and paint before the weekend is over.  I went out last night and purchased a few things for Baby C’s new room too.  It’s time to get busy.  I’ll be 29 weeks this Friday…pictures coming soon.

I have some other really exciting news to share too!  I’m thinking Friday…but you’ll have to check back to see!