Friday Night Closet Hunting

You know that dress?  The one hanging in the back of your closet.  The one you’ve had for so long, it’s practically vintage.  The one you keep passing over during Spring Cleaning because it’s beautiful, timeless, classic and one day, you WILL wear it again.

Then comes the magical moment when you’ve worked up the courage to try on the dress.  You inspect it on the hanger, hold it up to yourself and start to feel the confidence welling up inside you that it might actually zip up.  You slip on the dress, adjust it so it’s just right and start the zipping process.  You know that wonderful, thrilling moment when the zipper easily reaches the top of the dress and you admire yourself in the mirror wearing a dress from years ago you never thought you’d wear again?

Yeah, me neither.

Back of the closet dress FAIL.