Don’t let anyone tell YOU what is beautiful.

bird in flight

Birds in flight are not my forte.  Nor is it something I’m particularly interested in photographing.  But I got home and saw this one and thought it was kind of cool.  A little post-processing and not too bad for a quick shot as I was trying to keep my child from falling into the murky water (that I’m almost positive was snake-infested) while feeding the ducks today.  Also, I had a quick flash of what I would do if said child fell into said snake-infested waters…I may have thought a little too long and really hard about what might happen to Julian if I had to go in after her.  Parenting 101 people, parenting 101.

This is the best photography advice I can give; Don’t let anyone tell YOU what is beautiful.  Advice I’m still trying to learn myself.  That’s the beauty of photography, it’s art, and that makes the beauty within the eye of the beholder.  I love pictures taken on an angle.  Most purists probably find this annoying because of composition, rule of thirds, blah, blah, blah.  I like the way angles look behind the lens.  They make me stop as I’m scrolling through the shots I’ve taken and go, hmm, that looks cool.  I’m currently on this sun-flare kick, which inspired this post.  Most people would suggest a lens hood when shooting outdoors, but I kind of love the uniqueness a sun-flare can add to a photo.  I would share the one in question, but it’s a pic of A at the park today and I’m just not brave enough to post her pic all over the Interwebz.  I haven’t even posted it on facebook (with which I have a hate, hate relationship) because I’m afraid it would be looked down upon by some of the pro-photogs out there.  It got me wondering though, “Why should I care what another photog has to say?  It’s my spin on what I think is beautiful.  Surely someone else out there could appreciate the same beauty I do.”  I dunno, these pregnancy hormones are making me very wishy-washy these days and they seem to be eating my backbone at the same time.  I discovered today I’m still having some issues with focus.  Not near as many as I was…but some all the same.  It takes practice, especially when photographing a child.  I don’t have much trouble photographing a still object…just the constantly moving almost 3-year-old that INSISTS on looking away from the camera the moment I snap the photo.  Every.single.time.  The back of her head is well documented should she have any questions once she reaches adulthood.  I have a certificate for a one-on-one photography class given to me by my mother, I think I finally feel ready to sign up for it.  Now I know what questions I want to ask.

Per the Hubs

So, the Hubs is out of town and suggested to me earlier that I needed to put up a post to give him something to do between presentations today.  I might suggest to him that since I don’t believe he actually reads my blog, ever, that he start a few months ago and read through all the wonderful things I’ve recently had to say.  Hrumph.  Maybe he’d even have a thought about it, or I don’t know, perhaps a comment to leave!

It’s been an interesting couple of days.  My morning all-day sickness, which I thought was on its way out-of-town, has decided to return and stay a while.  Ugh.  I’ve been feeling less and less like myself and even less like a woman who is supposed to be teaching her little girl how to be a lady and is supposed to be at least trying to entice her husband and not scaring him away.  Instead, I mope around, curse having to get dressed, dread showering (it’s just so much work) and have to force myself to eat.  I know it’s not permanent, I’ve been here before, but it’s still rough.  My mother-in-law offered to pick up A from preschool today and keep her through dinner.  It basically gave me the whole day off, which was great because first thing this morning one of the dogs brought me a dead rat.  Lovely.  It’s cold here today (okay fine, cold for us, I’m wearing jeans and a cardigan!) and rainy.  It would be the PERFECT day for that Pumpkin Spice Latte I’ve been wanting.  But then again, the thought of said Pumpkin Spice Latte makes me kind of feel like hurling so I’ve decided to save myself the 5 bucks…for now.  Why in the world does one thing sound both appealing and repulsive at the same time?  I treated myself, well, Hubs treated me to a mani/pedi/eyebrow wax this morning.  I’ve been feeling rather gorrila-ish these days (see above) and I thought it might help me feel pretty.  It worked a little bit and my feet no longer resemble those of a Hobbit.  I still need that bikini wax and I think I’ll get a facial while I’m there because my waxing lady also does facials and massages.  And I figure, why the hell not?

I often find myself feeling rushed to complete chores when A is around.  That’s probably because I never actually get the opportunity to complete chores when A is around.  So I took some time today to clean her bathroom (her tub was filthy) and clean her room.  I’ve done some laundry and even put away the 36 rolls of toilet paper I bought from Costco 2 weeks ago that have been collecting dust bunnies in my entry way.  Not because I was feeling particularly motivated, but because I was officially out of tp in both bathrooms and I just couldn’t bring myself to tear into the package for 1 roll and leave the rest sitting there.  I thought about it.  I really did.  No word yet on when the 10 boxes of Kleenex will find their way home.  I’m also considering mopping my floors and making my bed.  These are lofty goals.  I’ve also been able to run the most obscure errands today.  I normally don’t mind A tagging along, but these errands today would require me to be out of the car for less than 5 minutes and to drag her in and out of stores for that is just insane.  For example: Tom Thumb to get the tags for my car renewed, Staples for a replacement toner cartridge, Babies R Us for kids’ hangars, eye doctor to get my glasses adjusted.  All things that needed to be done, all MUCH easier without a toddler in tow.  I miss A like crazy on days like today, but I know it’s good for me and good for her.  It’s just so hard to go from spending almost every waking minute with her to having her gone all day when I don’t really have an agenda.

You may remember that we took A to San Antonio a few weekends ago to visit Sea World.  We’d taken her back in April and when we bought our tickets we ended up buying passes that would get us into the park through the end of the year.  She had so much fun that we decided we should take advantage of those passes and do another trip.  We had fun, but I don’t think we had as much fun as the first time.  A wasn’t quite as interested in sitting through the shows this time and, well, that’s pretty much all Sea World is.  She still had fun feeding the sea lions and dolphins and was ecstatic to visit the aquarium and look at the fish, sharks and sting rays, but I think the novelty had worn off.  She’s also still VERY MUCH in need of a daily nap, and that’s hard to do in a stroller; she’s never been good about sleeping on the go.  Day 1 wasn’t too bad, but she was exhausted by Day 2.  We asked her at the beginning of Day 2 if she wanted to go see the Shamu show.  She said no.  Very clearly I might add…she wanted to go to the water park and told us so.  But we thought we knew better and went to the Shamu show anyways.  We ended up leaving half-way through the show because she just wasn’t interested and wouldn’t sit still.  She ended up falling asleep in her stroller as we were making our way back to the car and slept for over an hour while the Hubs and I ate lunch (in the car, for those of you thinking of reporting us to CPS).  Once she was awake we went back the park and she played, happily, in the water park for a few hours.  She even rode the carousel and her first roller coaster!  She wasn’t tall enough for the roller coaster last time, but she really enjoyed it this time and still talks about it.  It wasn’t the best trip we’ve ever had with her and if we were using this experience as a trial run to see if we’re ready for Disney, the answer is no.  Not even close.  It’s just too much for a little one that still needs sleep in the middle of the day.  She was beyond exhausted on the trip home and was literally bouncing off the walls when we stopped for lunch in Temple.  I thought I was going to come unglued and the usually endlessly patient Hubs had all he could take.  We made it home, thankfully, but it was a rough afternoon/evening.  Hubs left the house around 7 that night for Denver.  It’s a crazy life we lead around her.

The worst part about the trip was that no one, and I mean NO ONE could seem to get my food order correct.  REALLY frustrating for a pg woman.  And I wasn’t even expecting anything special…just what they said the dish was supposed to be on the menu!  To top it off, I really feel like the general population in San Antonio is just dumb.  I don’t know what it is about that place but everyone we interacted with during our stay there just seemed plain dumb.  I’m generally a nice person and assume maybe someone is just having an off day, but geez…it was mind-boggling.  I kind of felt like we’d stepped into an alternate universe.  Not one of my favorite cities in Texas.  My sister-in-law was kind enough to house/dog sit while we were gone.  Saved us a ton of money not having to board the 3 beasts.  They welcomed us home by invading my purse, eating 2 packs of gum and my travel container of Tums.  Don’t they realize I’m pregnant!  I think it’s just down-right mean to take Tums from a pregnant lady.  And if that doesn’t make you chuckle, how about the fact that Cosmo is scheduled for some dental work (teeth cleaning, growth removal, possible tooth extraction) in October and last night I discovered he’d taken the estimate from the vet off the desk and chewed it up.  I think he might be trying to tell us something.

Here are a few pictures from our trip…mostly from the water park.  Enjoy! 🙂

WM Seaworld 2011 4

WM Seaworld 2011 3

My whole life, in a picture.

WM Seaworld 2011 2

WM Seaworld 2011 1

This is probably one of my favorite shots that I've ever taken. I don't know what makes me love it so much.

Lazy Weekends

I apologize for my recent absence. To be honest, the morning sickness is currently kicking my butt. I just left the house for the first time in several days (well, voluntarily anyways) to run a quick errand and I swear it almost killed me. Anyways, I’m not complaining, just offering an excuse of sorts. Forgive me? Good. Let’s move on.

Last weekend was glorious. For the first time in something like 30 or 40 days, the temperature stayed under 100 degrees. My A/C was crying from thankfulness. In addition to cooler temps, we got RAIN on Saturday! I almost didn’t recognize the wet substance falling from the sky. It was the good rain too. The kind that started at some point early in the morning and continued a slow fall well into the afternoon. Our grass, trees and flowers were in heaven.  You can water all you want, but there’s nothing like the cleansing and deep watering the earth gets from actual rain. Of course, the temps only lasted a few days and now we’re back to 100+ temps. Oh well. We took the weekend super easy. Seriously. I can’t remember the last time we had a weekend like that. We had no plans and totally lounged around. A got up late (thanks to the cloudy skies) and wanted to play outside. How could we refuse her? So we spent Saturday morning playing outside in the rain. It was awesome. She was loving playing in the wet sand and the mud. She’s certainly not the girly-girl I am. Hubs and I got a date night Saturday night which was glorious. We were able to conjure up one of those really deep and thought-provoking conversations. We talked a lot about our future, talked about our dreams and goals and I think we were able to fan our little flame of dreams and desires a bit. I’ll be discussing those things here, soon, but for the first time in a loooooong time I feel like I’m able to start looking ahead. To keep dreaming big and to work hard towards our goals.

In other news, Hubs has decided to run a half-marathon in October. He’s been training religiously and I’m really proud of the progress he’s made. It’s important to have goals in life. To have something you’re working towards. It doesn’t have to be anything ginormous, something as simple as training for and running a race gives you a goal. And meeting goals is a good thing. You should always, always, always have goals. Big, medium and small goals.

I spent Sunday on the couch. Again, the morning sickness is kicking my butt. But the good news is that I was able to finish A Games of Thrones. I picked up the 2nd book on Saturday night and can’t wait to get into it. I never thought of myself as one that would enjoy that type of book, but I couldn’t put the first one down. So, all in all, a super lazy, much-needed weekend. Which is perfect timing because that was it for a while. We literally have something going on every weekend from now until Thanksgiving. And the weekends between Thanksgiving and Christmas will fill up very soon. I’m getting ready to do another post right away about a really scary 24 hours we just had, but for now, here are a few pics from our Saturday morning.

WM A in Rain

WM A feet in rain

Who doesn't love little feet?