I got Photoshop Elements for Christmas. Until now, I’ve managed to load it on my computer and that’s it. Yesterday, I finally figured out how to add a watermark to photos (a process so simple it should have taken me 5 minutes to figure out but instead took several hours thanks to the 2 littles). I also found some free actions from MCP Actions and I’m in the process of trying to download them and install them into Photoshop. Trouble is, this takes time. There are instructions to follow and since I have NO CLUE what I’m doing, I kind of need to focus. Wich is impossible since my life is lived in 5-10 minute segments these days. There is a very fine line between caring for and devoting yourself to your children/family and still taking time for yourself. Sigh. Frustrating evening last night and it’s still with me this morning. Having 2 kids is fun, but it’s not for wussies.

Don’t let anyone tell YOU what is beautiful.

bird in flight

Birds in flight are not my forte.  Nor is it something I’m particularly interested in photographing.  But I got home and saw this one and thought it was kind of cool.  A little post-processing and not too bad for a quick shot as I was trying to keep my child from falling into the murky water (that I’m almost positive was snake-infested) while feeding the ducks today.  Also, I had a quick flash of what I would do if said child fell into said snake-infested waters…I may have thought a little too long and really hard about what might happen to Julian if I had to go in after her.  Parenting 101 people, parenting 101.

This is the best photography advice I can give; Don’t let anyone tell YOU what is beautiful.  Advice I’m still trying to learn myself.  That’s the beauty of photography, it’s art, and that makes the beauty within the eye of the beholder.  I love pictures taken on an angle.  Most purists probably find this annoying because of composition, rule of thirds, blah, blah, blah.  I like the way angles look behind the lens.  They make me stop as I’m scrolling through the shots I’ve taken and go, hmm, that looks cool.  I’m currently on this sun-flare kick, which inspired this post.  Most people would suggest a lens hood when shooting outdoors, but I kind of love the uniqueness a sun-flare can add to a photo.  I would share the one in question, but it’s a pic of A at the park today and I’m just not brave enough to post her pic all over the Interwebz.  I haven’t even posted it on facebook (with which I have a hate, hate relationship) because I’m afraid it would be looked down upon by some of the pro-photogs out there.  It got me wondering though, “Why should I care what another photog has to say?  It’s my spin on what I think is beautiful.  Surely someone else out there could appreciate the same beauty I do.”  I dunno, these pregnancy hormones are making me very wishy-washy these days and they seem to be eating my backbone at the same time.  I discovered today I’m still having some issues with focus.  Not near as many as I was…but some all the same.  It takes practice, especially when photographing a child.  I don’t have much trouble photographing a still object…just the constantly moving almost 3-year-old that INSISTS on looking away from the camera the moment I snap the photo.  Every.single.time.  The back of her head is well documented should she have any questions once she reaches adulthood.  I have a certificate for a one-on-one photography class given to me by my mother, I think I finally feel ready to sign up for it.  Now I know what questions I want to ask.

Another Picture Post

I spent about 24 hours visiting my family and having girl-time with my mom and sister.  When they broke out the rifle before noon to shoot empty cans and water bottles, it was time for me to head home.  I’ve mentioned before that my family is slightly (VERY) country-fried.  I sometimes feel the need to just shake my head.  And quickly take my designer shoes and bags back to the city where I belong.

Today would have been the due date for the twins.  It’s been slightly difficult.  At the same time, it’s nice to feel a real sense of closure.  No longer will I have to think: “I should still be pregnant with them.”  I spent a lovely evening with A and the Hubs playing outside in the sprinklers and watching her enjoy a popsicle.  I was a nice evening to remind me that even though I’ve been through the ringer the past few months, I have a lot to be thankful for.

I got side-tracked looking through old pictures while uploading some from this evening.  Thought I’d share them here.  These were taken last year and they all have very little to no editing (well, except the watermark, of course).  These were taken down in the Texas Hill Country.  If you ever get down that way, Texas makes fabulous wine and there are some great little wineries to stop at and spend a few hours.  Enjoy.

WM Fburg 09

WM Fburg 08

WM Fburg 07

WM Fburg 06

WM Fburg 05

WM Fburg 04

WM Fburg 03

WM Fburg 02

WM Fburg 01